Brooke, My Best Friend’s Sister

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“I’ll talk to you later, Katie. I’m gonna see a movie with Josh,” I said to my girlfriend through the phone as I walked towards my best friend’s house.

“Okay, babe. Have fun,” Katie responded. I hung up, put my phone away, and approached the front door. I rang the doorbell and after about half a minute, the door swung open.

“Hi, Matt!” I was greeted by a brunette with a very familiar face. She was my best friend’s twenty-four year old sister who’s five years older than us.

“Oh wow, Brooke? I haven’t seen you in forever! Is Josh here? He’s not answering his phone.”

Brooke placed her hands on her wide hips and raised a groomed eyebrow. “Really? I haven’t seen you in years, and the only thing you care about is if my lousy brother is around?” Her mesmerizing green eyes stared me down like daggers.

“Uh, I was just, um -” I stammered while blushing bright red.

“Ha ha! Look at your face! I was just playing with you. Give me a hug!” Brooke cheered while spreading her perfectly toned arms. I walked inside and gave her a quick embrace, feeling her large breasts pressed against my chest.

“It’s been a long time,” I said. “Almost five years, I think.”

“I know! The last time we saw each other was before I moved out to college. You’ve gotten a lot… bigger since I saw you last.” Her eyes scanned my whole body while she smiled scandalously.

“You’ve changed a lot, too,” I replied while trying to not stare at the cleavage exposed by her low-cut tank top. “You look great.”

I took the time to study Brooke’s face. She was always a natural beauty, but her face matured significantly from what I remembered. Brooke’s delicate, slim nose had a beautifully sculpted round tip. Her almond eyes had thick eyelashes with a touch of mascara. Brooke knew she looked best with a light amount of makeup, so she only decorated her face with a subtle amount of eyeshadow and a layer of lip gloss over her soft, pouty lips. She had the ideal facial structure of a model, with tan skin and barely visible freckles.

“I had to exercise so college guys would notice me,” she laughed. Her body was more curvy and womanly than before, appearing as if it was made for sin. “I can tell you’ve been working out, too.” Brooke rubbed her hand up and down my arm, making my cock stir inside my jeans.

“I, uh, I’ve been throwing some weights around. So, is Josh out? We’re supposed to watch a movie soon.”

“He woke up really sick. He’s been coughing a lot and his temperature is through the roof. Let’s check on him.” As we walked up the stairs, I watched Brooke’s round ass bounce a little with each step under her skimpy shorts. Her heart-shaped bubble butt could only be possible through hard work and dedication at the gym.

“I can hear him snoring,” she said while rolling her eyes. Her hands formed a fist and pounded the door loudly. “Josh! Matt is here.”

“Huh? Yeah, come in,” the raspy voice inside said. Brooke opened the door and we entered his messy room.

“I’m sorry to see you so sick, man,” I said. “You sound like you smoke three packs a day.”

“Yeah,” Josh replied with a croaky voice. “I don’t feel so good, bro. Sorry for not responding to your texts, my phone’s on the dresser and I’m too weak to get up.”

“Don’t worry about it. I already bought the tickets online, but I can take Katie instead.”

“Wait, what movie were you guys gonna watch?” Brooke asked.

“The Halloween Doll,” Josh managed.

Brooke’s eyes widened. “Really? I’ve been dying to see that! Take me instead!” she requested with a pleading look her face.

“Sure, Katie doesn’t like horror anyways. Besides, we gotta catch up.”

“Yay! Thanks Matt, you’re the best!” she exclaimed before giving me another hug. My nose was filled with the lovely scent of her lavender shampoo, and this time my hands wrapped around her slim waist.

“You kids have fun,” Josh croaked.

“I’ll see you later, Josh.” As I finished my sentence, Brooke pulled my arm and led me out of the room.

“Help me pick an outfit,” she said. We walked into her room where there was a pink bed, a large flat-screen TV, and a desk full of makeup.

“It’s nothing fancy, we’re just seeing a movie,” I said.

“You’re dressed nice, though. It would be wrong if I didn’t match your fashion level,” Brooke said with a wink.

“I’ve changed from that boy you saw wearing basketball shorts all the time,” I laughed. “I’m just wearing a button-up and jeans, nothing special.”

“I think you look sharp,” she smiled as she stepped closer to me. “I think you’d look a little better if we do this.” Brooke unbuttoned the top two buttons on my shirt.

“Whoa, w-what’s going on?” I managed.

“Relax, I’m helping you out here,” Brooke explained while spreading my shirt collar wide. “There, you gotta show off your buff chest since you worked so hard for it.” I sighed a breath of relief, and Brooke’s eyes got wide.

“Oh! Did you think I was gonna undress you or something?” She burst out antalya escort laughing while I blushed like an idiot. “You’ve gotten hot as shit, but I’m not that wild.”

Before I could process that she just called me hot, she opened her closet door. It was enormous with an entire wall dedicated to shoes and enough clothes to stock a retail store.

“You’ve got a big closet,” I remarked.

“Big enough for two people,” she said. “Come on in.” When I entered the walk-in closet, Brooke shut the door and slipped off her shorts.

“What are you doing?” I asked while extremely flustered at the sight of her black thong. It barely covered her, and I could see the edges of her pink pussy protruding out.

“Changing, duh. I’m looking for my black jeans.” She bent over to reach for a pair of pants hanging on the bottom row, and her ass pressed up against my bulge, making me fully erect. My massive cock felt squished underneath my jeans, and I desperately wished it had more space.

Brooke slipped on the black jeans which barely fit over her thick ass. She took off her tank top to reveal a matching black bra that struggled to contain her large mounds.

“Isn’t this a little weird since I’m in here?” I asked.

“Why would it be weird?” she laughed. “You used to come here everyday when we were younger, so it’s not like we’re strangers.”

“Ok, just put a shirt on before it gets awkward.” I secretly enjoyed every second of it, but I felt like I was being unfaithful to Katie by seeing another girl without a shirt on. “I don’t think my girlfriend would approve of this.”

“Boo! She’s not even here. Besides,” Brooke said while eyeing the tentpole in my pants. “You seem to be enjoying it.” She rubbed her hand over my throbbing bulge.

“P-please stop!” I yelled. Brooke looked at me in shock and then burst into laughter. “Ha ha! You squirmed so much! I was just messing with you. Where do you think Josh learned to be such a prankster?” She gave my arm a playful punch and continued to giggle.

“Oh, screw you!” I said. “That was worse than the time Josh faked a love letter from my crush.” I was surprised she would take a joke far enough to rub my cock under my jeans.

“I’m about to die of laughter!” Brooke said as she continued to laugh uncontrollably.

“Let me help you with that.” I tickled her naked toned stomach, which caused her to laugh even harder than before. The tickling intensified until she fell over and pulled me down with her. When I fell on top of her, my hands landed on her breasts.

“Ohhhhh,” Brooke groaned, much to my surprise. I noticed that my erect cock was pressing into her pants over the area of her pussy.

“Sorry!” I said as I pulled my hands away from her soft, fleshy tits. She immediately grabbed my hands and put them back on her breasts. They were the most amazing pair of tits I’ve ever seen or touched.

“Do you like the way they feel?” she asked me seductively while biting her lower lip. “I’ll let you touch them all you want, as a friend.”

“This is so wrong, I can’t,” I said while my hands were doing the opposite. They continued to grope and squeeze her amazing mounds.

“Come on, I know you’ve never felt anything like these before.” Brooke was right, the girls I dated in high school had tits nowhere as nice as hers. Katie was beautiful, but her A-cup breasts left something to be desired.

“I shouldn’t,” I told myself and managed to remove my hands from her bundles of bliss with every ounce of willpower.

“Maybe this will change your mind,” Brooke said and unclasped her bra strap. She removed her bra to reveal pink, puffy nipples pointing straight at me.

“Oh, shit,” I muttered. She smiled deviously and pulled my face into her tits. Instinctively, I licked and sucked on her left nipple, causing her back to arch as she groaned loudly. I prayed that Josh couldn’t hear us from the other room.

“I’m so sensitive there,” Brooke moaned and threw her head backwards. I found a good rhythm as I flicked my tongue across her right ariola. “Oh fuck, just like that.” Her legs wrapped around my waist and I unconsciously started to thrust my hips. As I humped Brooke hungrily, I sucked one nipple while caressing the other with my fingers.

“Shit, what am I doing?” I said after coming to my senses. “I told you, I have a girlfriend.” After pushing myself off of Brooke, I stormed out of the closet and threw myself onto her bed. I laid there confused with my hands over my face for a couple of minutes.

“Hey,” Brooke said softly as she walked out of the closet. She was wearing the black jeans, white speakers, a beige crop top, and a denim jacket. Her light brown hair was tied into a neat ponytail.

“What did we just do?” I asked. She sat down next to me and appeared apologetic.

“Look, I’m sorry I got carried away in there. I should have backed off when you told me you had a girlfriend. We’re just young and horny, so I guess it just accidentally happened.”

“I’m sorry, too. I got fethiye escort a little crazy in there,” I apologized.

“I’d say!” she laughed. “That’s the understatement of the century.” Brooke rubbed her breasts over her jacket fondly for a brief moment.

“So, are you still down to see the movie?” I asked.

Brooke’s face brightened up cheerfully. “Yes! You’re driving,” she said as she strutted out of the room with her juicy ass swaying side to side.


“So, what have you been up to after college?” I asked while we drove in my sedan.

“Well, I’m taking a break to spend time with family, you know, because I don’t see them enough,” Brooke said sarcastically. “But I’ve been looking for jobs a little bit. How about you? Josh told me you’ve been going to a local college.”

“Yeah, I like it a lot. It wasn’t my first choice, but it’s nice to be close by.”

“Really? You don’t want the freedom to escape from your parents?” she inquired.

“It’s not just them. I get to be close to the guys and my girlfriend, too.”

“Oh, there it is,” Brooke said, “You wanted to be near your girlfriend. How cute.”

“Quit mocking me,” I laughed. “Katie and I are pretty serious, we’ve been dating for over two years.” Even though my eyes were focused on the road, I could feel Brooke staring closely at me.

“You’re tying yourself down to one girl so early? I mean, you do you, but I’m just saying at our age, we should try many different people. Committing is for when you’re like, thirty.”

“I like Katie,” I replied as we pulled into a parking space.

We walked into the movie theater and made our way to the snacks. “Can I get large popcorn and soda, please?” I asked and pulled a twenty-dollar bill from my wallet.

“Sure thing, young fella,” the elderly cashier responded.

“Aww, you’re treating me? That’s so sweet!” Brooke exclaimed as she batted her eyelashes dramatically and pretended to swoon. “In that case, I’ll get these, too.” She tossed a box of chocolate raisins on the counter.

“Dating will burn a hole in your wallet, but I promise ya, it’s worth it!” the old man said with a wink after he scanned the raisins.

I laughed and then tried to clear up the confusion. “Oh, we’re not together, we’re-“

“Thank you, boyfriend!” Brooke said as she squeezed my arm affectionately. She grabbed the soda cup, kissed my cheek, then walked off to the drink dispenser. My face blushed bright red from feeling her soft lips against my cheeks, even if it was just for half a second.

“Have fun,” the cashier said with a wink when he handed me the popcorn bucket. I walked towards Brooke, who was filling the large cup with cola.

“What was that?” I asked.

“I thought it was cute how the guy thought we were dating, so I went with it. We must look like a couple,” she smirked. Brooke handed me a clump of napkins.

“Whatever. Why do we need so many napkins?”

“Because it’s gonna get messy in there,” she winked. “You know, because of how buttery the popcorn is.”


I have to admit, I’m a fan of horror movies when they are done right. The Halloween Doll was not one of those movies. It had a boring typical plot about an idiot couple who keep a possessed doll in their house that scares them over and over. I was also disappointed that our seats weren’t in the middle of the theater. For some reason, Brooke insisted we sat in the top right seats in the corner. During an unoriginal scene where the wife suspensefully explores the basement, Brooke lifted the armrest between us and leaned against me.

“I’m so scared,” she said as she squeezed my arm and squinted at the screen. The attic door slammed shut behind the wife, which didn’t startle me at all because of the cheesiness. Brooke, however, was startled and buried her head in my shoulder. Her soft hair caressed my neck and her strawberry perfume wafted through the air.

“Scaredy cat,” I said and she punched my arm. The doll appeared out of nowhere in front of the wife’s face, making Brooke jump and dig her face into my chest. I felt her voluptuous breasts press against my stomach, stiffening my cock once again. For the next twenty minutes, the movie transitioned into extremely slow scenes. After I yawned involuntarily at how uninteresting the movie was, I felt Brooke’s arm over my shoulders. I turned to see Brooke’s eyes staring deeply into mine, and her lips were slightly spread apart.

“I’m so bored,” she said as she pulled on my neck to bring me closer to her face. “Let’s help pass the time.” She tilted her head and leaned towards me, and her beautiful lips were just inches away from mine. Brooke’s hungry eyes shifted from looking at my lips to gazing into my own. Even in the dark room, I could see her eyes sparkle and dare me to kiss her.

‘Screw it,’ I thought and pressed my lips kaş escort against hers. She let out nearly inaudible moans as we kissed each other gently. My cock fully hardened at the sensuality of feeling her soft, moist lips on my own. She was an amazing kisser, and although it was a slow and passionate kiss, it was by far the most arousing one I’ve ever had. When we pulled away from the kiss, our eyes stared into each other with looks of lust.

Suddenly I thought about Katie, and realized I should stop before things got out of control.

“I don’t think- “

“Don’t think,” Brooke interrupted and pulled me in with both hands on my cheeks for another kiss. I gave in once more to the amazing feeling of her lips. While I knew that it was so wrong, I lost my will to resist such a hot girl trying to seduce me. This time it was a full makeout session as she slipped her tongue in at all the right times. I felt our makeout session heat up and intensify when I started incorporating my hands, tracing her amazing body from her perfect breasts down her curvy sides to the mind-blowing ass waiting for me to grab. She moaned in pleasure as my hand explored her firm bottom.

“I’m already soaking wet,” Brooke whispered seductively into my ear. She unbuttoned her pants and fingered herself while we continued to kiss each other aggressively. After what felt like ten minutes of non-stop kissing, she reached over and unzipped my jeans. Brooke reached into my boxers and freed my throbbing cock.

“Oooooh, you’re so big.” I shuddered in ecstasy as she ran a finger up and down the bottom of my shaft, lubricating it with her own juices. “Did I do this to you?”

“Mmhm,” I managed while nodding my head.

“Then I guess I should take care of you,” Brooke whispered with a devious smile.

“Shit!” I muttered under my breath. My cock felt in pure bliss as my best friend’s sexy sister jerked it off skillfully. Brooke certainly knew what she was doing, with much more years of experience than Katie. Her hand stroked my shaft at the perfect rhythm and paid just the right amount of attention to the most sensitive part right below my tip. I wanted to moan loudly, but I couldn’t make a sound due to the lack of loud scenes in the movie. If I let out even one groan, the entire theater would have heard it.

Brooke quietly spat on her hand and then sucked my earlobe. “Imagine you’re inside me,” she whispered seductively before stroking my cock again. Her saliva and juices lubricated my shaft, allowing Brooke to smoothly glide her hand up and down. I squeezed the armrest next to me in frustration at my inability to moan in pleasure. I imagined Brooke riding my cock with her heart-shaped ass, with her cheeks jiggling as they slapped against me. I felt myself get more and more sensitive to her touch.

“Imagine I’m begging you to cum inside,” Brooke whispered in my ear. Her strokes became more rapid and I felt pressure slowly build up inside my cock, preparing to blow my huge load. It felt like heaven as I thrusted myself into her hand as she started to solely stroke the area below my tip. I imagined myself shooting my seed in her, putting me on the edge of orgasm.

“I’m cumming,” I whispered quietly, thankful that the movie was loud again. I looked around for something to shoot my load into, and grabbed the large stack of tissues Brooke handed me earlier. I couldn’t stop moans from escaping my mouth as my semen pumped out ferociously. I felt tremendous waves of pleasure as spurts of my seed blasted into the napkins in intervals. It was by far the longest and most satisfying orgasm I had ever experienced, and it felt even better when Brooke kissed my cheek as I blew my load.

“You came a lot for me,” Brooke said sensually into my ear. I noticed a thick white rope of semen on the top of her hands. She looked straight at me as she licked my cum right off of her hand and licked her lips. “Promise me you’ll pretend this never happened.”

Still recovering from shock due to the most pleasuring experience of my life, I only managed to nod my head. “Still bored?” I asked.

“Nope. For now, at least,” she whispered with a sexy smile. After cleaning off cock with a spare napkin, I sat and watched the movie for its final thirty minutes. I can’t remember if the ending was good or bad, mostly because I couldn’t focus on the movie at all after the mind-blowing handjob I received.

“Did you like the movie?” I asked as we exited the room. I tossed the napkins covered in cum into the trash can along with the popcorn bucket on the way out.

“That was the best time I’ve ever had at the movies,” she smiled deviously. “How about you?”

“I had a good time.” Before we left the theater, I saw the cashier from earlier sweeping the floor. He winked at me and held a thumbs up.


We were absolutely silent during the car ride. I badly wanted to bring up what happened in the theater, but I promised not to.

“So, where to next?” Brooke asked, breaking the silence. She had an innocent tone as if nothing happened.

“I’m gonna drop you off at your house,” I responded. I knew if I couldn’t resist her anymore, and the only way to stop was to get away from her.

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