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You read these words now, wanting me. Wanting my hands to touch you. You want my arms to wrap themselves around your narrow waist and pull you close to my body. You want the warmth, to make you feel safe. You miss this. You…need this. Need it. You long, for it to come back.

You want in the darkened room within this hotel near the Brandenburg Gate, my mouth, to move closer to your ear. You wait, you want for me to say the words that make you feel the most intense pulsations within your body. You want the words. You hunger, for them to start. To start, and never end.

As my body is pressed close to yours, you wait, your blood pressure rising in anticipation of the words, the hands removing your garments, slowly. Removing them, as my words slowly strip your mind. As my tongue extends outward, touching your flesh. The warmth, of my tongue enters your ear.

The tip, of the tongue, pushes inside, and swirls around. The moistness, the warmth, sends shivers throughout your body. You ache, for what you remember, comes next. My fingers, slender, adept at unbuttoning your white dress blouse.

A blouse that is held tight against your large breasts. Extremely large, breasts. Breasts that are as white as milk. Breasts that I remember well. Breasts that demand attention when on display in public, and they did receive far more than their share. Your breasts, how blessed you are to have been given such a well endowed upper torso.

They feel firm, stout, powerful. They are a magnet. They draw others to them. They draw, many to you. Have drawn, so many, to you over time. You know this, and you display them in various forms of dress to bring so many souls to your feet, to worship you.

But, I am not here to worship. My intent, is to control, to dominate, to make you submit, to overwhelm your cerebral cortex, and make you surrender. All the while your state of subjugation will be masked, and you will have no awareness how you are not dominant in this encounter.

Thereby, making you, by definition my slave. If you have no free will, physically, or…psychologically, you are bound. Bound, restrained, not of your own free will to move about free. Move about physically, or emotionally.

You believe yourself to be superior to me. To be superior to most others. Which, you are. But not here. Not here. Here, I control you. You know this to be true. Your behavior states what your words contrast in content. “Not my slave.” Remember? But you are. You are here, reading these words, conjuring in your mind what I write.

You ache to experience in real time, what I write. You want me, behind you. Stripping away your defenses. Speaking softly in your ear. Slowly removing the garments that present to the world your status. Removing the clothing, seducing you. Readying you, for sexual coupling.

You ache, and suffer, throughout, as the process of undressing you, unfolds. The blouse gives way, as I pull it off your slender, firm arms. It falls to the floor, next to the dark black, very fashionable and quite expensive high heels.

Your bra comes next. It’s unbuttoned, and it falls away, allowing your breasts freedom, but for a moment. Your long blonde hair, falls over them. “You like my hands to grip these tits, don’t you?” You moan, in response. It feels good, to have the hands of another, caress lovingly, with the utmost of devotion these enormous tits. These tits, that give you, such power, over so many others.

They feel so good. I recall vividly, the first time that I saw them unrestricted by material. Alive, in their natural, unbound, free state. Suspended naturally, their youth, magnificent to behold in person. Their power over me, making me at that time, your subject, your slave. But not now. I, now know, the secret of seduction. To your, seduction.

“You need me, don’t you?” My fingers swirl slowly over your exposed flesh. Softly, touching. The fingertips, lightly brushing sensitive areas of your body. Down below, silently there is movement. Your vaginal cavity is beginning to come alive. It’s no longer dormant. You are being stimulated, and you find yourself wet.

Wet, moist, aching, wanting. As you were then, you are now. As you read this, you want me. You want me to do, as I am writing. You currently lie, with another. He, will have to suffice in my stead. Would it be beneath me to say, that you are with the “second string quarterback?” Hmmm? Perhaps?

Anyway, the viscosity of the juices pouring forth, running between your legs is noteworthy. There is a lot going on down there. You know this and I sense it. I know that you run wild. That once you are stimulated, your body comes alive. Yes, your orgasm can come, merely by words.

You revealed that to me. Perhaps, that was something that you should have retained as a secret. Allowing me to know, enables me to exploit thi, and make you hunger. It gives me the power to take control of you.

“Your body, is extremely desirable, baby. I, am antalya escort overwhelmed by your slender, waif like frame, your essence.” While I speak my hands move around. My arm clutches your breasts allowing one hand to unbutton your skirt, and it falls to the floor. Your flesh is now, bare of clothing.

Naked, wanting me. Hungering for my hands to caress, my tongue to kiss and lick, my words to continue. “You look so beautiful. Really, I am overwhelmed by all that you are. Do you know, how you affect me? How your beauty makes me lose sight of everything.”

“Do you want me? Do you need to be inside me?” “Yes. I need to be inside you now, as then. I need to mount you. Or, would you like to be on top, as you were the last time we were together?” “I want to be on top.”

“Maybe…I will think about it.” Yes, I will give it thought. But, as I stated earlier, I am in control. I, dominate this encounter. You submit to me.” “Yes….” “You excite me with the black bra, black skirt, the black high heels, and the white blouse.

It was your signature look, and it really made me hunger for your naked flesh. You drove me wild with passion, when we went out in public.” “Touch me, down there.” “Touch you, down there. Is that what you want, baby? Hmmm?”

Your hands reach back and grab my erection. You grab it, hold on to it, and cup it. “Is that what you want? Hmmm?” “Yes, I want it. I want it. Will you give it to me?” “Maybe? Get on your knees now….” You obey, without question. Once again, you grab it. Feeling it. Feeling how hard it is.

“You know what to do. You’ve been here before. Do it.” “You want me to suck you?” “I need you, to suck it. In fact…I am telling you, to suck it. You have no choice in this. You will, suck it.” “All of it?” “Yes, all of it. All of it.” “All of it…?” “Yes, do not disappoint me, as others have. Do…what I know, from past experience that you, and only you, can do.”

You unbutton my pants, and pull them down, as I step out of them, having cast my boots off earlier. Now I remove my short sleeve button up muscle shirt. The blue one that contrasts nicely with the tan 5.11’s. “Pull off my Calvins, baby.” “Pull them off?” “Yes.” In response to this, you place your mouth over my hard cock leaving your moistness over the white material.

You wrestle with it. You manhandle it, with your mouth alone. I look down at you. Your eyes gleaming with playful radiance. Your eyes which led to my falling for you, so long ago. Your eyes, which have seduced so many with their brilliance. Yes, I know, the numbers are astronomical.

You have wrecked havoc upon the many. But, here you are, once more. Wanting. Wanting me. Unable to walk away. Back, in my lair. Back, totally unable to exert any sense of control in the moment. Out that door you wield vast power. You can determine life, or death, with your decisions. But, not…here. “Here, you submit to me.”

“I am on my knees, but I am not…your slave.” “Really?” “Yes, really!” “Then, leave. Go. Don’t let that door hit you in the ass.” Your eyes meet mine. “Do you want me to leave?” “I could care less, if you do.” “Really?” “Yeah…I could care less. You are not that special. You aren’t.” This causes your eyes to go cold. You hurt and I can see that my words resonate within.

“You, are the one who is bound. Not I. As I told you, you are the slave to the situation that binds you tight. Escape, if you feel too much tension. Just go….” “Just go?” “Yes, just go.” I back away, and stand before you, hands akimbo. “Dress, and leave. If you are of free will, go. Otherwise, accept what you are, my slave. Or, at the very least, a slave to the present particulars.”

On the bed, you sit naked, halfway on your haunches. Your face is clouded. Your smile is gone. Your eyes are sad. It seems as if tears might fall. Cue KISS (“Tears are Falling”). “So, what do you want to do? Stay, and be my slave? Or, dress, and reclaim your freedom? Hmmm?” Standing there, I can see your face by the light that enters the open window.

With every passing second, your inability to move, to remove yourself, strengthens my position. My arms fold across my broad chest. Silence reigns. The wheels are turning. “What are you going to do, girl? Stay, bound to the chains of love? Or, retain your dignity and walk? Hmmm? Walk, or submit?”

You seem, uncertain. A part of you wants to tell me to, “go fuck yourself!” It is crossing your mind. I can see the thought on your face. The narrowing of your eyes, the glare. That glare. Once seen, never forgotten. “Do you love me?” “No. Not anymore. I have told you this, many times.” “I still love you.” “Yes, I know. You’ve sent me that KISS video many times. Many times….”

Deciding to push you further to decision overload, I move closer to the door, and unlock it. Opening it, allowing the light to enter, illuminating you fully. Your naked flesh so inviting. So beautiful to the touch. The memories of kissing you, all over kemer escort for hours is kindled.

But, I care not. “The door, is open. You…are free to go.” I pause and wait, while you remain silent. You look downward, at your firm thighs, your sadness, visible on your face. You shake your head side to side, slowly.

“Fraulein, geht es ihnen gut?” Turning I look out the door and see a mid 50’s couple dressed casually. His white hair is cut military style short, parted on the right. He is fit, he is tall, his face tan.

He looks at me, directIy in the eyes, while his wife, looks at my Calvin’s. I smile, and look at her. “Do you want to go? Or…do you want to submit to my will, completely? Or, maybe… do you want to ask them to join us?”

Looking back at the man I can see this register in his eyes, as he obviously is fluent in English. As is his wife, due to the broad smile crossing her face. She looks at her husband, then at me. Then at my naked companion resting on her haunches. “Whom do you belong to?” Silence. “I…belong to you, Master.” “Yes, I thought so.”

Once more, I look at the casually attired couple. “Mein sklave, mochte das Vergnugen Ihrer Gesellschaft. Bitte…” The husband looks at his wife, and then at me. Her smile says what she wants. Her softness is highly sexual, her large breasts on display. Her hips, with a little extra padding on them.

My erection strengthens once again. I feel a strong attraction to her. Yes, I feel the urge to fuck the older woman. Her eyes burn into mine, her tongue wipes her bottom lip and my cock hardens more, stretching my Calvins more. I extend my hand outward, and her husband motions for her to move forward.

Taking my hand I lead her in the room. Her husband follows. I extend a hand in your direction, motioning to the elegant man to have his way with you. I move a few steps over and his wife moves close to me. Her body presses against me and my hands fall on her ass feeling her softness. With a shake of her head, her long blonde hair moves away from her face.

My cock is hard, pressed upward out of my Calvins. Her open mouth presses upon mine, and her tongue hungrily engages. My hands pull up on her ass holding her tight. I want to fuck her, now. But, I have to go slow, get her body in synch with her brain. Our tongues slowly wrap around each other exploring.

“Master….I want to be with you. Only with you.” Silence. I can hear the gentlemen freeze. He was removing his jacket. “Sklave, du wirst deinen Korper diesem Herrn geben, wie ich seine Frau nehmen werde Du wirst ihn lutschen, du wirst ihn ficken.” Hearing this, the man once more removes his clothing.

The older woman, at this point, was grabbing my hard cock, feeling it. Her smile was radiant. This was the person that I wanted for my sexual partner for the night. Sliding her top off her shoulders revealing her softness, and enormous tits. Wow! My erection was standing near vertical.

Fucking this woman was going to give me incredible pleasure. Her passion was electrifying. Her top and skirt laid on the floor crumpled and she stood before me naked. Her eyes barely visible in the darkness. Her husband rapidly removed his clothing and placed it on the bed. Within seconds, I could hear his shaft entering your mouth, as you knelt before him.

His moans, were instant. Most likely he was using a hand to guide you along. He really was reveling in the moment. As was I, as his wife got on her knees and began to tea bag me. Tea bag, as her hands roved over my hard flesh.

She gently ran her hands over my thighs, as she then inhaled cock. Inhaled, deep throated, sucked like she had not had sex in a very long time. Holding the back of her head I guided her to a faster pace then allowed her to go slow.

She was well versed in the swirl. Which I loved. Swirling, gurgling, inhaling deeply. Damn, we might have to swap for more than tonight? She pulled away briefly to allow salvia to run out of her mouth. She was having difficulty with the act, choking, but very game to continue to please. Which made me as happy as I could possibly be.

Her passion made me realize how much I needed to see her, to see the look in her eyes as she engaged in this act. I pulled away from her, turned on the room light seeing her naked flesh before me. Her husband was ramming your mouth, thrusting his cock between your lips. You looked over at me, as his dick slid across your lips.

Our eyes met. You watched me, as his pelvis moved back and forth, his cock filling your mouth. You began to smile and then performed the swirl on him, as your hands went to his thighs. He began to moan louder. “Saugen Sie es, Madchen. Sei ein gutes Madchen und lutsche alles. Ja…ja….

“Are you sucking all of it as he wants, baby?” This causes you to look over, your smile radiant. Your gurgling sounds far more pronounced, as you want to incite jealousy. Your performance, brings konyaaltı escort out his former youth. He grabs your head, and pulls you violently with both hands as his pelvis thrusts back and forth rapidly.

You give him your mouth. You allow him to face fuck you. All the while, watching me as best you can. Catching the momentary glimpses of his wife, on her knees sucking me. Her body exciting to behold. My face must show the excitement within me. Her swirling, the best that I have received to date.

Better than you, Jenny, or Ruby. Yes, this older German woman, has the years on her but with that comes extensive experience. Her smile is brilliant. Her eyes, convey her pleasure of being in the moment. My God, she is such an artist.

Back and forth, swirling up and down. All the while maintaining the eye contact that hardens my cock into the diamond cutter that I am wielding before her. I back way, and gently bring her to her feet. I nod to the bed, and she smiles and walks over and lies down spreading her legs wide.

Her husband looks at you, his hand guiding you from the back of the neck. His moans are incessant as he face fucks you with the utmost of passion. His cries and moans escaping the room and entering the night. In the dark below, our encounter has awakened the citizens out on a late night walk. I can hear their appreciation of what they know is taking place.

I get on my knees and pull his wife towards me. Her eyes are on fire, as she awaits my tongue. In anticipation, she runs hers across her lips while propping herself up with pillows. My hands caress her thighs, my tongue kisses her, and licks her. Her hands began to caress my hair, and then my tongue goes all in on her vaginal cavity.

This causes her to shudder, tense up, and her hands grasp my head, firmly. Controlling me, with her hands, she moans out loud. Louder, with no concern for whom hears her passionate rattle. “Iss meine Muchi, baby. Oh ja baby….Iss mich…ich liege es.

Her husband looks over at his wife, perhaps jealous as his life mate is expressing her joy of having my expert tongue sate her long denied desires. I know, by the manner in which her body is contorting, tensing, shaking, that I am performing a function that she has not had in quite some time.

Her hands, guide me, control me, caress me, but most of all, connect with me. Her eyes are closed, as I look up, her enormous tits shaking as her body withers in excitement. My tongue going at it, not relenting. Her hands hold me, lovingly. Once more, she opens her eyes and makes contact with me.

It’s apparent by that look in her eyes, that I’ve made a friend. There is little doubt that she wants me to render this service upon her at some other time, at a location of her choosing. Yes, I already know that I will be there. I want her to suck me again.

I hear movement behind me, and the two of you disengage, and he says to you, “Buck dich, Kleines Madchen. Ich muss dich hinten ficken. He now has taken you from behind. His wife smiles knowingly that he has no regard for being equal with his sexual appetite. It would seem that it will be him sating his needs and desires first….

“Kleines Madchen, du hast einen spektakulären Körper. Ich liebe deine Titten und deinen Arsch. “He keeps calling you a “little girl.” You are close to his age, or hasn’t he noticed that? Your body does maintain an appearance of a far younger woman in its waif like appearance. Yes, he loves your tits, and ass. Everyone, loves your tits and ass.

Yes, your body is spectacular, just as he said. Of course, you have to reply and do your best to incite jealously, because it is, what you do. Ich danke Ihnen lieber Herr. Du bist so ein liebhaber…Du fullst meine Muschi mit deinem grosen deutchen Schwanz.

Yeah…you love his big German cock. Thanks for the commentary. Can you not, just fuck and keep the jealousy in check? For fuck’s sake. Fuck it….I will please this woman before me and see her once more elsewhere.

I already know that it will occur, as his wife is tapping her phone number on my head with her index finger. Smart woman. Gotta love an older gal. The look in her eyes when I acknowledge my awareness of her silent communication is an absolutely brilliant look of fire in her eyes. Absolutely beautiful the connection that we are creating before her husband, and you.

Both oblivious, to what is taking place on the bed next to you. Or, maybe, he knows? Perhaps he suspects, by her passionate response to the fire storm that I am unleashing upon her pussy. Clean shaven, supple, tight, a faint scent of an unknown lotion applied. Yes, she is clean, and inviting.

The biggest turn on on for me is her passionate response to my actions. Her eyes, communicating all. Her smile, ever constant. Her eyes, literally on fire with pleasure. I am pleasing her. She moans, she lets out little cries, and alternatively grabs, and caresses my head.

I can hear you being hammered doggy style. Your tits are making that sound of going back and forth rapidly as he grabs you by the ass cheeks and then begins to slap your ass. This causes you to let out a loud yelp, and then he continues as you revel in the pain that he is inflicting upon you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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