Bring It On

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“Bring it on,” I told her.

She’d been flirting with me for weeks and I was finally calling her bluff. Those sparkling eyes of hers — they cut right through me. I’d mostly seen her for only moments at a time as she flit through the restaurant — patrons trailing behind her like the caboose to her locomotive. She’d seat them, pass out the menus and wink at the men as she walked away.

Oh — she was cunning all right — no man was off limits in her book. She just had an air about her — it wasn’t so much her looks as her attitude. She was average height — probably around 5′ 6″ and wore her long hair pulled back in a clip. She had beautiful bedroom eyes — her best feature. They were dark and bold — smoky almost. The little crook in her nose gave her face great character and the tiny lines forming around her eyes told of many days she found something to smile about.

“You don’t think I’ll take you up on that do you?” She asked.

“Bring it on baby — and No, I don’t think you will.”

All of a sudden she reaches out, grabs the front of my shirt and pulls me to her. She gets right in my face — I can smell her perfume and I can see the fire in her eyes. Not the kind of fire like when she’s really ticked off — but the kind of fire that burns — long and slow that starts way deep inside and works its way to the surface in a rush of lusty heat.

“You. Are. On.” She whispers and the next thing I know she’s taken both my wrists and whips them behind her back planting my hands firmly on her tight little ass. I tell you, that was a nice handful and as I started to squeeze she threaded her arms through mine and wrapped me up like a birthday present. Before I knew it (and mind you this all happened so fast) her tongue was in my mouth and I swear she gave me one of those winks before she closes her eyes for the kiss. And Oh My God — we’re standing there — my hands kneading her ass — our tongues doing this sensual little dance and she starts massaging my back with her fists. Between you and me — it was the most amazing sensation. Oh, and did I even tell you what she was wearing? It was this little black skirt that just flowed around her legs to barely below her knees — and No Panties!

To say the least, I was a bit mesmerized. She finally broke the spell when she pulled her tongue back into her own mouth — I hadn’t realized how she had taken my breath away with that kiss. When she pulled back I think I heard a suction pop. Maybe it was just me holding my breath I don’t know. She was kind of in charge at that moment so I wasn’t questioning anything.

“Come on inside,” she offered — let’s talk about this. She took me by the hand and led me through the door.

I stepped through the threshold behind her – it was her apartment all right. She flipped the light switch and it not only dimly illuminated the room but also turned on the stereo – some bluesy tune with a sax. It made me wonder how many times she brought a stranger home to this very set up. Or was it just the way she was – a sensual woman who kept her place as she kept herself.

“Make yourself at home,” she invited as she led me to the couch. “Bar is over there, why don’t you make us a couple of drinks while I go change into something more comfortable. And I want you to know…I haven’t had a man in this apartment in about 2 years. You caught me off-guard, I like that.” She must have been reading my mind.

I wondered how much more comfortable she could get – skirt, no panties, what more did a guy need? I walked over to the bar as she closed what I assumed was her bedroom door. I found some candles in the drawer while looking for the spoon and put antalya escort a couple on the bar top as well as the coffee table. The room was ripe for love. I brought the cocktails to the table, made myself comfortable, and waited…

And waited…I got to wondering what the hell she was doing in there. Seemed like forever although it was only a few minutes. My head was swirling with thoughts…was she trying to decide what sexy nightgown to put on (that was going to be ripped off pretty quickly anyway so that didn’t matter) and then I got to thinking about what her nightgown drawer must have in it. Long ones, short ones, flannel, silk, split up the leg, down the back or if I was lucky – split down the middle? I never thought about those things before but her keeping me waiting was doing a number. Not to mention these thoughts were making my cock jump.

“Are you comfortable?” She asked through the door. “I was beginning to wonder if you’d gone out the back,” I answered. A chuckle from the other side. “Good” she said. “Always keep ’em guessing – that’s my motto! I’m still here – hey, light a couple of candles, they’re in the drawer in the bar. Are you getting hard yet or are you waiting for me?”

Je-sus – does this woman have some kind of 6th sense? It’s like she was reading my mind right along. It was eerie – but very cool. All this time I wondered if she really had it in her or if she was just a big tease and pretended. I was beginning to believe…

“Are you coming out of there soon or am I going to have to come in there and get you?” “I’ll be right out – just one more thing and I’ll be done.” I could hear opening and closing drawers in there. I took another swig of my gin – set the glass on the table and looked up. Oh My Fucking Word – the door was open and there she stood. You would not believe what she was wearing. A silky nightgown? No. But oh yes, she was dressed.

Get this – she stood there – the light behind her was just so that she was kind of standing in a spotlight. Maybe it was my own eyesight focused on the vision in the doorway. On top, she was wearing what I think is called a bustier – a leather one at that. There were ties that criss-crossed up the center and her gorgeous 36-inch breasts spilled out over the top. It was tight around her torso and the ties were in a neat little bow at the top. The leather thong below covered only the minimum of skin but over that she had on a garter belt that held up the sexiest pair of fishnets. How about four inch spiked heels that I saw as I looked her over and over from head to toe for the third time in just seconds. Her hands had on a pair of gloves but they didn’t cover her fingers – only her hands, and halfway up her arms. She had a collar around her neck that had silver chains hanging down between her breasts and matching bands around her upper arms. On the end of her finger dangled a blindfold. Her other hand was behind her back. I swallowed hard, licked my lips, stroked my now very hardened cock through my pants and started to get up from the couch.

“Not so fast,” she told me. “I didn’t put all this on just so you could come tear it off. Sit still for a minute.”

Sit still – how the hell could I sit still. My cock is now rock hard as you can imagine, she’s standing in the doorway looking like a vamp and she’s telling me to sit still.

Well – as the story goes – it did become quite worth my while to sit still a little longer.

As I watched her – trying not to drool, trying to keep myself in check she threw me the blindfold – I guess so her hand would be free. “Don’t put it on yet,” she instructed me. “Just keep it handy – you’ll need it later.” antalya rus escort I was happy for the slight distraction and had something for my hands to play with besides myself.

She then began to play with her breasts – she squeezed and pulled- pushed them together, rubbed her thumb over the nipple and made them hard little nubs. Their color deepened – she was horny. Her hand started to rub her torso – over the leather, then over her hips and she leaned slightly forward and gave herself a little spank on the ass. I heard the sound – she turned around just enough for me to see the pink handprint left behind.

Finally she brought her other hand forward – she’d been keeping it well hidden from my sight. She was standing there with her legs apart, breasts standing at attention, a handprint on her ass and she holds up a rubber dildo. That’s right – she has it grasped in her hand just the way I like a woman to hold me and with her other hand she pulls the thong aside and starts playing with her clit. Next she rubs her pussy lips and I can see her fingers are wet as she spreads the lips apart and slips a finger inside. After a few finger thrusts – she takes the dildo – I am not kidding – she takes the dildo and inserts it right where her finger was just playing. She is still standing there – legs apart and I am watching her fuck her own pussy with this rubber dildo and she is moaning, closing her eyes, her other hand is rubbing her clit as she pumps the dildo in and out in quick succession.

I’m dying over here on the couch, my hand is inside my own pants now and I’m watching this woman getting herself off with a seven inch dildo right in front of me. It didn’t take her very long either – all of a sudden she throws her head back, lets out a long loud MMMMMM OH YEAH BABY!!!… and I know she is coming in a wave.

Once she’s finished, catches her breath and calms down a little she takes the dildo out, tosses it back in the room behind her somewhere and looks right at me. Her hands are on her hips, her face is slightly flushed and she says: “Ok sweetie – your turn…”

With that she walks toward me, heels clicking on the hardwood, hips swaying side to side and when she gets to the couch she straddles me and comes in for another one of those breathtaking kisses. My hands go immediately to her bare ass and I can smell the scent of her sex – her breasts are against my chest, arms around my neck and she is kneading my crotch with her own. She pulls back, arches her back a little bit and, takes hold of a breast and puts it to my mouth. Naturally I take the offering and begin to suck and lick, taking the other one in my hand and lose myself in the moment. She reaches behind her and starts rubbing my cock until we’ve both had enough of this through my still fully clothed body.

“What would you like baby?” She asks me. What would I like I’m thinking. I’d like to get my clothes off, throw you on the floor and fuck your brains out is what I’d like. But instead…I tell her “You’re doing just fine…just don’t stop.”

She smiles…then picks up the blindfold from where I dropped it long ago, takes my hand, pulls me to stand and leads me to the bedroom. We get to the high four-poster bed; she sits me down and puts the blindfold around my head, covering my vision. I am now heightened with anticipation.

I can feel her – she is undoing the buttons on my shirt, takes the shirt off and begins to nuzzle my chest. Her tongue finds my nipple, she circles it, takes it in her mouth and begins to suckle while running her fingers through the hair. Her tongue further explores, making a wet line right antalya ucuz escort down the middle of my chest, then tickles my navel in and around like a belly pothole. I am trying to see under the blindfold but it is impossible – I can only feel what she is doing.

Next I hear her stand – she is apparently slipping off the shoes – I hear them fall to the floor and she is now standing barefoot as her hands find the buckle on my pants. I’m just sitting here at the moment, not quite sure what I’m supposed to be doing. She gets the buckle, I hear and feel the button and zipper and she takes my hand so I can stand. Off come the pants, the underwear and finally (YES) I am naked!!! I can feel my cock standing straight – ready for action and I want to get right down to it but she of course had other ideas.

She pushed me back on the bed, made me lay my head on the downy pillow and again she straddled me. But this time, I am lying prone and she has a leg on either side of mine. Next thing…she’s playing over my skin…my torso, her fingernails trailing over my chest, my sides, my belly. She is teasing, circling around my cock until finally she took hold of it just like she did the dildo only a short while ago. I swear I almost came right then. Until she took me in her mouth – the warm wet feel of her mouth around my cock was a little bit of heaven. Her head moved up and down, her hands took hold of my balls, she was maneuvering them just the right amount. Her tongue dipped in and out of the hole, around the head, down the underside until her whole mouth was taking little sucks all along the shaft as she made her way up and down. I took hold of her hair, pulled it together at the nape of her neck and held it out of her way as she played her special tune with her magic tongue.

She wanted me…that much I knew by the way she was sucking my cock. I hoped she’d let me take this blindfold off too – I really wanted to look at her when I fucked her.

She finally released me – her voice that husky, sexy sound. “I want you so bad” she says. WTF – that 6th sense again. And the thought occurred to me maybe it was my 6th sense not hers but at that moment I didn’t really care. “Why don’t you take that blindfold off and fuck me.”

I didn’t wait for her to ask me twice, I whipped the blindfold off and she was right there – looking right in my eyes. I sat up as best I could. Now I had to get her undressed. At least some of it. The thongs – sexy as they were – had to go. They were in the way of what I wanted most at that moment. Of course they couldn’t come off unless she took everything else off – that would just take forever – I was hot, oh-so-horny and way more than ready. I told her this much. She reached to her side, undid some little hook or snap I didn’t even see and off came the thongs. She brought the garment up between her legs, ran it across my belly and tossed it to the floor.

With that motion I grabbed hold of her, flipped her onto her belly, raised her hips and entered her from behind. I was buried deep inside as my balls slapped against her ass with each thrust. Oh I was fucking her all right…and she was fucking me back meeting each jab as she rocked back and forth on her hands and knees. As I felt myself coming closer to the end, she tightened the muscles even more inside her cunt. One last long final plunge brought us both to a fireworks conclusion – her moaning loudly just like before and me gripping her hips and letting loose everything I had to give. Her juices mixing with mine – it dripped down her leg a bit and I took a finger and wiped at it. I brought my finger around to her mouth, she took my finger deep, scraped her teeth along it as she released it and swallowed.

We were sweaty and flushed. I was drained and pulled out of her plunking beside her on the bed. I don’t know where this broad got her energy. She looks at me and says “How about a bubble bath?” But I’m saving that story for another time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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