Brief Pleasure in the Office

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Sexual stimulation was not the primary thing either of them expected in the office; but they both got more than they ever thought was possible.

The first time he saw her his eyes involuntarily raised and his pulse quickened, as she walked by his desk on her way to the office kitchen. She did not seem extraordinary, yet her physical presence lit a flame of desire in him over which he had no control. There must have been something primal about his reaction to her walking by: her tall slim figure as it passed by; the narrow waist flattered by the close fitting top; how her bobbed hair waved jauntily above her bare neck; the athletic action of the long legs clad in tight trousers; the way the fine material clung to the shape of her buttocks – yes, especially her delightful rear. He found himself glued to her, seduced from a distance and eager to know more.

She was equally entranced when she first saw him at his desk – the handsome new guy in his smart suit, bringing a touch of class and excitement to the dull office. She was strongly drawn to his dark eyes, stubbled jawline, slim physique. She hoped he would notice her and want find a way to meet her. She held herself tall and proud as she passed by, sensing he was watching her and hoping he would notice and react.

There were a few attractive women in the office, he noticed, including a couple of hot young girls dressed in skimpy clothing, the kind all the guys notice and focus on. But he was more attracted by the tall slim young woman who had a little more maturity and subtlety, who somehow promised more mystery and excitement.

She, Edie, had been so excited to see this new guy, despite herself. She was surprised at the effect he had even from a distance as she passed by and they exchanged smiles. She felt a tingle inside and suddenly the office was a more enjoyable place.

He, Joe, was delighted to see what he imagined to be a secret temptress, a wild woman behind a modest exterior. He felt an urge to act on his impulse and make this place more fun that it first appeared to be.

And from that moment it escalated very rapidly. She found every excuse to walk by his desk. He found reasons to walk to her zone of the office. They started following each other to the kitchen. And it wasn’t long before they fell into conversation over a coffee break. It was small talk but with moments of unmistakable subtext – they desired each other without doubt. He was seduced by her Baltic ice blue eyes; she was charmed by his gentlemanly smile. Both quickly sensed a deeper attraction and secretly resolved to act on it somehow.

And they made sure the opportunities came soon. antalya escort He made the first move, brushing his hand against hers as they both simultaneously reached for the sugar. Their eyes met; they smiled into each other’s eyes; their fingers briefly met and locked. He moved his face towards her, about to speak – or kiss her, she dared imagine. But someone suddenly came into the kitchen and they parted with a grin.

She made the next move, coming to his desk ostensibly to ask his help with a system update. She stood close and leaned over to see his screen. Her thigh came into contact with his body in the seat below and his hand, dropped to his side, brushed against her leg. She edged closer and pressed herself against him in a way that she knew he could not take as accidental. His palm stretched over her leg, his fingers clasped, he gave a gentle caress. He slowly discreetly ran his hand up her inner thigh and she subtly pushed herself closer.

He wasn’t sure how far to go, how high to slide his fingers – so close now to her intimate centre. He almost dared to reach up just a little higher to lightly pass the fingertips across her crotch, imagining tight panties and an eager pussy within. She wasn’t sure how bold to be, whether to press herself against him harder or even to reach down and guide his fingertips to where she so wanted them to be – to her pussy which was beginning to ache for attention, yearning to be caressed through the thin material of her pants.

This first intimate encounter was interrupted by the arrival of another colleague, so they parted in a state of arousal and unfulfilled lust – he with a throbbing hard-on, she with a moist pussy yearning for more.

From then on they took every opportunity to approach and touch each other, furtive hands grasping and body parts rubbing together in the kitchen, in corridors, in the lift – which was where they had their first embrace. It was very brief, as they ascended three floors on their way to a conference. He moved in front of her, smiled, reached out to hold her by the shoulders and pull her closer. She took a step forward and looked up at him as he held her. Suddenly they were kissing; a deep passionate kiss making full use of lips and tongues. She felt him press against her as their bodies attached; his hardness against her pussy, giving her a thrill of desire.

The lift doors opened. They parted; grinning, and went to the meeting room where they sat next to each other and spent the meeting rubbing legs together and clasping hands under the table. He guided her hand between his legs and placed her palm onto his swelling penis, hard through his trousers. antalya rus escort She placed his hand on her pussy, so stimulated and swollen by now that he could feel the wetness through the material. There was only one way this was going now! He was determined to fuck her; she was desperate to take him inside her.

The chance came soon, one day when they both had to work late to finish preparing a presentation. They were in a discreet meeting room, at the very end of a long corridor on the top floor of the office building, which had been booked for the day. All their colleagues had completed their contributions then made their excuses and left the office. Now alone together Edie and Joe looked at each other across the table and smiled with desire in their eyes.

Joe stood up and went to lock the door in case a cleaner or security guard came. He also closed the blinds so they could not be overlooked from outside. Edie sat patiently at the table watching him move, admiring his athletic build and smooth movements. She grinned as he looked back at her from the window. Somehow they both knew not to speak: they would act on instinct and lust.

She stood as he approached and watched him discard his jacket and tie. She could feel his musky heat, or at least she was sensing his powerful pheromones as he came closer. She opened her arms as he moved to embrace her. She loved the way he grabbed and enveloped her, pulling her closer. His lips devoured hers in a passionate kiss that turned them both on more. He must be sensing her sexual aroma too – she felt hot and alive with lust.

He pulled her tight to show the strength of his desire and lustful intention. He wasn’t going to let her out of this room until he had a chance to give her what she had surely been waiting for. She was happy to be detained and equally keen to be taken by him at last. Her pussy was sopping wet, she felt, through the sheer panties. His cock was throbbing hard, its tip moistened, swelling, ready. He felt a primal urge to possess this woman and surge into her. She felt desperate to give her aroused body to him.

By this point there was no need for foreplay; they both just needed urgently to couple their hungry bodies. He unbuttoned her silky white blouse and unclasped the front-fastening bra, releasing her pert young breasts, which she proudly thrust forward as he leaned in to kiss them. His wet lips and tongue licked and sucked the rapidly hardening nipples as she gasped with pleasure. She shrugged off her blouse and bra.

He moved briefly away from her to pull off his shirt and she went straight for antalya ucuz escort his pants, quickly undoing his belt and buttons then pulling them down. She could see the shape of his fully erect member against the tight trunks and a small wet patch at the tip. He quickly lost his shoes, socks and trousers, then stood there in only his underwear.

She stood proudly facing him, displaying her pert breasts, then unzipped her skirt, letting it fall. She saw his eyes focus in on her tiny panties, the white triangle made almost see-through by her wetness. But she wanted him first so she quickly kneeled down in front of him and in one rapid movement she pulled down his trunks, smiling with delight as the long hard cock sprang out in front of her face.

She took it immediately in her mouth, her tongue licking off the rest of the warm slightly salty precum and her lips taking hold of the smooth head, feeling it throb gently as she took him deeper. She licked and sucked as she took the whole of him deep into her mouth to the back of her throat. He was rock hard now and she wanted him inside.

She let him go and stood up. As he stood, his tool sticking out to attention, he watched her with lust as she grinned and pulled down her wet panties in one smooth movement, shimmying as she peeled them down to her feet and over her heels. He looked down at the tiny triangle of her pubis and swollen pussy lips. She grabbed his cock and led him to the table.

She turned away from him and leaned over the table, presenting him with the hugely attractive sight of her long legs and well-shaped buttocks. Being taken from behind was her preferred position. She spread her legs and leaned over more and he took the hint. Grabbing her waist with one hand he steered his tool towards the dripping pussy with the other. With just a slight push from his fingers he slipped inside her.

She moaned as his full hardness entered her, almost immediately filling her with its full length. Holding her waist now with both hands he thrust deeper, harder, faster. She reached down to rub and flick her clit as he pumped into her. Each movement brought her closer and they both knew this first time wouldn’t last long.

She felt a wave inside as she fingered herself and felt him throb and thrust deep into her. She clenched her cunt muscles around him as she began to come, bucking under him as the first wave flooded out. She came hard, moaning out loud. A second later she felt him harden and tremble and then felt a surge as he began to let go. Powerless now, he pulled out and spurted his load over her buttocks, spattering cum over both cheeks.

They stood up, kissed, embraced. He whispered to her, ‘A very successful meeting, don’t you think?’ She grinned and replied, ‘Yes I’m very pleased with the outcome!’

And already they both knew there would be more to follow and that their days at the office would be a constant pleasure from now on.

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